Meet the Blogger

Definition: Vin-tab-yuh-luh-s

Adjective: slang

  1.  A love of Vintage with a Fabulous side


Here at Crafty Alane we are LOVERS of all things vintage. We are lovers of all things vintage as well. But why does  vintage have to be old, antiques, or even shabby. Why can’t it be Vintage and Fabulous that is how the name was created.

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I’m Whitney, a mother, wife and lover of all things DIY. Since my life is always busy and there are always projects that need to be done, we created this blog to highlight all the creative ways we make our DIY projects and ways to make them your own. We offer a mix of blog posts and videos highlights. So, I guess we are sort of VLOGGERS!!!

In this blog you will see….

Home Décor,    image


Crafting,     20160323_125009

Organizational Tips   DSCN1580

and Party Planning image

Along with lots of videos and much more.

So welcome and comeback soon for more entries, videos, and more. Much love my Dearies!!!