Do-It-Yourself Cardboard School Bus

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Do-It-Yourself  Cardboard School Bus

As a mom of the Parent teacher Organization, PTO there is always a project, craft or event to plan for the kids. One of the programs we wanted to do is start a school bus drive to support the teachers with extra supplies for their classrooms. So, with the help of hubby I wanted to try something new. A place to store the supplies and remind them about the event.

This project is also a great kids craft to be done to keep the kids busy or as a family.  Keeping this craft simple and quick was the goal, and it could not be more simple. It can also be created into something else and not just a school bus.   Here are the materials needed to make your project a success…



do it yourself  cardboard school bus

Yellow & Black Crafting Paint

Zip ties

White Foam

Electric Tape

Black Marker

Hot Glue Gun


do it yourself cardboard school bus

Glue the boxes side by side.

do it yourself  cardboard school bus

Painted the whole boxes and cut circles from the foam boards to make tires.

do it yourself cardboard school bus

Paint the tires black. Use the zip ties as a connector of the tires to the box. Use scissors to a make two holes and put holes in the box as well to connect the zip ties.

***Recommendation: place the boxes on a stand- off the ground so the tires are placed like they are holding up the bus ***

Before I place the electric tape draw the area that you want the windows to go with a pencil. With the electric taped I made windows and purchases some paper supplies to place in the windows.

do it yourself cardboard school bus

You can decorate and title the box however you want to. Let it dry and there you have!!!

This is a great idea for a kids room as a storage or toy to create or as a fundraiser for display at school.  Anything your imagination can create all it takes is a cardboard box and the rest is up to you. This project was  very budget friendly and turned out perfect.

Have fun and on to the next project!!!


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