The Family That Is Natural Together Is Happy Together!!!

Family Natural Together Happy Together

The Family That Is Natural Together, Is Happy Together!!!

My family is a unique bunch…well unique to me! We transformed into a all natural hair family, almost by force for some of us.  My family is a blended family of 7 people, 5 kids, two step daughters who live in another state and two daughters and a son.  They have natural hair as well so, we are a fully formed family.

For over 25 years I had hair like this. Long, healthy and thick hair. I never had issues with my hair, no thinning, split ends or damage from having a relaxer of the years. There are many reasons why ladies become natural, some for reasons of damage, hair loss and loss of edges from the years of relaxer put in their hair.  I have been blessed to have to no issue, my mother was old fashioned and new how to take care of her daughters hair.

Family Natural Together Happy Together

I started becoming natural by mistake. I had become so busy with the kids that I could not continue to get my hair relaxed. One month turned into 6 months and then 1 year. Time moved so quickly and was right at the trending of the natural hair movement. I did not last long with half relaxed and half natural, so I did a big chop

This picture below is when I did my first transition, before I did my first big chop. My husband is pictured here before he decided to grow dreadlocks. This was the start of his dread journey.

Family Natural Together Happy Together

Here is his progression of his growth over a couple of months.

Family Natural Together Happy Together

He has been wanting to get the dreadlocks for a while and finally decided to go for it. It will be two years of growing his hair this upcoming August.

My middle daughter Darcy is in transition with her hair. Transitioned hair is gradual process with becoming natural, it has part relaxed and natural. This is a way to have natural hair with doing the big chop. See is the last person in our family to become fully transitioned over. She has had a relaxer all her 6 years of life, I was very skeptical on her becoming natural due to not wanting her to do a big chop. She likes certain hair styles and with short hair she would not be able to have those hairstyles. So we are currently in a transition until the natural hair grows long enough to have adequate styles.

Darcy is very particular on how her hair looks and I was unsure how she would respond to the decision. When I  explained to her that changes of how her hair would look and should her the different hairstyles, she was fine. Since she started this natural journey it is great that her confidence is not determined by her hair type.

Family Natural Together Happy Together

Below is my youngest daughter Deyton, she has been natural since birth.

Family Natural Together Happy Together

It is amazing that each person has a such different hair types, my hair, Darcy and Deyton’s hair. They have completely different hair types.

My son of course has been natural since birth. There was this one time when my mother did try to put a relaxer in his hair once. When he was 1 yrs old his hair grow out for a while and it grew and grew and grew. Even now his hair grows the quickest, but he is loving it.

Family Natural Together Happy Together


And now you have met the natural family…Please to meet you 🙂

Til we read again.. Love, Peace & DIY


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  1. 2
    Saidah Washington

    My daughter is like your daughter who wants to be natural but perfers straighter stretched styles. My daughter has been transitioning about 8 months now and is still holding on to the relaxed ends. This is my second time transitioning her. The first time, my mother in law relaxed her hair without my permission. Talk about angry! :\

  2. 4

    When I was growing up, everyone had natural hair. What was amazing about it was that all of the little girls like me had really long hair. Our mothers would wake us up in the wee hours of the morning to press it whenever we wanted to wear it straight. They were so good at it, people always asked if we had perms. I don’t have any children, but if I did, natural would definitely be the way to go for me.

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