Princess Wall Art

Princess Wall Art

So, any little girl loves Disney princess wall art as decoration in their room. Since I am always looking for new project and since I have been working on items to sell for my craft fair I decided to try and make wall art on a tight budget.

Before I started my videos and ideas on Prepping For My Craft Fair”  thanks to totally snappy blog for her article on “Be a Craft Fair Success”  I learned what to sell at a craft fair. Since I only had headbands and a few antique items I needed to add a few items. So of course Pinterest helped out ALOT and I found a picture frame and thought about making wall art with materials found at a fabric shop. I went to Walmart and purchase some material-I used 1/2 yard of material (I had so many patterns and styles to choose from) after I finally made a choice I came home and started working on it.

princess wall art With my handy glue gun I folded the inside of the frame with the material and sealed all side. And just like that I created a VINTABULOUS masterpiece.

princess wall art                                                princess wall art


princess wall art

I think it worked out great, so great that I will be working on selling them in different styles and patterns. Check for these frames to be sold at our shop, coming soon.

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