Tips for Back To School Organization & Product Review Planner

tips for back to school organization and planner product review

Tips for Back To School Organization & Product Review Planner

School is back in session!!! Parents, I know you have your back to school dance ready. Every year I have either breakfast or lunch on the first day back to school as my celebration. But, for most parents with school back in session comes the schedules, field trips, menu planning and so many items to put into your planner. So, I wanted to do a product review and tried a new planner for the 2017-2018 calendar year.

My new planner is from Michaels,  Create 365 The Happy Planner is an all in one planner. Its has a modern and fun style with inspirational quotes  to keep your organized throughout the year. Each month there is an section for important dates, monthly goals and a doodle area for brainstorming or quick notes. The planner also has a large monthly calendars for dates and a weekly page for your daily entries. I love that this style planner has a lot of room to input your events an things to do. Bring a mom, blogger, business woman and wife I have a lot of things to jot down in my planner.

Of course I have a video of my thoughts on products review and some tips that I have learned on how to be more organized.

Here are some tips to on how to get organized before the upcoming holiday season…

  1. Set a goal to ACTUALLY use your planner for the ENTIRE YEAR!
  2. Create categories (Ex: Kids, Menu planning, Business, etc.) to group your schedule
  3. Set up your scheduled based on a time management form- start at  6am and fill in your schedule in hour increments if needed
  4. Be as detailed with your schedule as possible, if you have to fill in slots every 30 minutes, then do that
  5. I am a fan of color coding my categories, it keeps things very organized
  6. Use your planner to keep your menu planning set up for the school year and upcoming holiday seasons
  7. This is my first time using the bullet system, I highly recommend this method when inputting your schedule
  8. As you get school papers and notes of events put them in your planner immediately
  9. Reward yourself when you have completed  a task or two from your planner. Rewards help you to be happy for the tasks that are completed




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